The best organisations are driven by exceptional leaders.
Faced with competing priorities and little time, these leaders are most effectively engaged by experts. We partner with our clients for all or part of the talent acquisition process; from the initial search and approach through to screening, selection, package negotiation and appointment. Our industry expertise is complemented by a proven approach to candidate selection.
Ophir Partners are able to benchmark, research, approach and engage the industry’s best available leaders and value creationists across key functions, including:

  • Board & executive management
  • Finance
  • Operations & project management
  • Business development
  • Technical specialisations

We also assist clients with developing and shaping talent pipelines and in driving cultural outcomes. This is a pro-active and collaborative approach aimed at delivering value-adding organisational results. Candidates are engaged in career discussions ahead of time thus minimising appointment lead-times.

A crucial adjunct to the technical due diligence process is leadership due diligence. When considering investment, mergers or acquisitions, companies are advised to conduct thorough background research on existing corporate and operational leadership.

Ophir Partners is uniquely positioned to assist in this process whilst retaining confidentiality. Our experience, depth of market intelligence and breadth of industry networks, combine to give us unique insights into individuals within organisations: identifying strengths, risks and opportunities.